Big News for 2011! New P365 Product Line Coming…

I’m not one who is particularly good about “New Years Resolutions”… but I will admit, each year as the holidays come to a close and the New Year rolls in, I swear to myself that I’m finally going to keep up with the photos I take in the coming year, and have them in a photo book at the end of the year.  And so far, um.. let’s just say that I mean well. ;) Time simply isn’t ever on my side (and I’m too much of a perfectionist to just throw something together for the sake of getting it done!).

For this reason, I sat down a week or two ago and began creating a new set of templates that will make it virtually impossible for me to fall behind this year.  They’re simple, and yet super versatile/flexible. If you’re a P365-er and you take a photo each day, these templates are for you.  If, however, you can’t keep up w/ P365 and skip a day here and there (like me!)… these will work for you, as well — just use patterned papers (or journaling, etc.) in place of any date that you didn’t snap a photo, and your end-result layout will be just as adorable.  Either way, the templates will definitely act as a framework to make it almost impossible not to clip a photo onto each day’s block and keep up with your memories.  And that’s what it’s all about — making it simpler to document the important things that happen in our lives, right?

Here’s a quick preview of the finished product(s) — I’ve split them into 2 sets of 6 months’ worth of templates each:

"P365: Monthly" Templates (Jan-Jun 2011)

"P365: Monthly" Templates (Jan-Jun 2011)

"P365: Monthly" Templates (Jul-Dec 2011)

"P365: Monthly" Templates (Jul-Dec 2011)

Or, you can choose to save 25% by grabbing the entire year’s worth at one time:

"P365: Monthly" Templates (2011 Full Set)

"P365: Monthly" Templates (2011 Full Set)

I can honestly say that I’m super excited to use these templates, and have actually found myself waiting in anticipation for the 1st of the year to get here already, so I can get to it! In fact, in my excitement I actually began working additional items — some weekly templates, some basic papers & elements, etc. — and it has slowly turned into an entire P365 product line for 2011.  So keep your eyes peeled, because there’s a lot more fun new stuff on the way in the coming days/weeks…

Meanwhile, if you’d like to give these templates a try, consider subscribing to my newsletter… a little birdie told me that all new subscribers in the month of January will get the first 6 months’ worth of the monthly templates (shown above) for FREE! ;)

Wishing you all a wonderful beginning to 2011… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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2 Responses to Big News for 2011! New P365 Product Line Coming…

  1. RealRach says:

    Loving the site! Thanks. I signed up for the newsletter and I’m wondering if the template freebie offer got “SPAMMED”? I have not seen it come through yet?? hmm….it’s Adorable! I want it! LOL So I can buy the next sets!

    • wishingwellcreations says:

      I just sent you an e-mail to the account you registered for the newsletter… let me know if you don’t get it! Hopefully that will solve your problem… ;)

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