Terms of Use: Personal Use Agreement

The following Terms of Use (TOU) Agreement applies to all personal-use (PU) products by Wishing Well Creations, whether purchased or obtained as freebies.  Wishing Well Creations reserves the right to modify, update, and/or change the TOU for its products at any time, with or without notice.

The following TOU will always supersede any previous TOU (such as one included as a text or image file within the product download itself); thus, it is your responsibility as a user to so make sure you have read this page and that you abide by its terms.  Use of the product(s) constitutes acceptance of the terms.

You may not, under any circumstances, redistribute any digital files by Wishing Well Creations — even if the product was obtained as a freebie. If your friends/acquaintances want a copy of a freebie (or a purchased product), please direct them to the Wishing Well Creations web site.  Your support is greatly appreciated!


  • Incorporate these products/designs into your own original projects
  • Recolor or alter these products/designs for your own personal use only
  • Use Wishing Well Creations PU products/designs in Scrap For Hire (S4H)/Scrap For Others(S4O) projects, as long as the final result is delivered to the third party in a flattened (non-layered) format
  • Publish, display or distribute your work in any galleries, forums, blogs, or other media (magazines, other publications, etc.), as long as you include a credit to the source of the product as shown here: Product/Element Name from Product/Kit Name, by Wishing Well Creations at (store name and/or web address, if allowed)


  • Share these products/designs with anyone else
  • Claim these products/designs as your own
  • Use these products/designs for commercial use (i.e. to create derivative products for any purpose other than personal use, such as–but not limited to–the creation of web site/blog graphics, the creation of digital scrapbooking products/designs, or the creation of print or web advertising, etc., regardless of whether or not the derivative products will generate income)
  • Make copies of the files on any medium, whether electronic or physical, other than for the purpose of personal back-up (this includes–but is not limited to–copying these files to CDs, DVDs, hard drives, diskettes, etc.)

If you are uncertain about this TOU agreement or have a question about how it relates to or affects your intended use of the products/designs, please simply e-mail wishingwellcreations[at]gmail[dot]com and ask! Thank you very much for your support.

[updated 08-08-2010]

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